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Grand Junction, CO Diapering Party!

Hey everyone. Megan, or "shad1radog" here on DS is a GAD retailer, and is very likely going to become one for Thirsties diapers/covers as well. We are looking to have a "cloth diaper party" sometime in the next couple of weeks. It should be lots of fun, whether you want to show someone about CD's firsthand, stock up on new diapers locally, or just want to meet up with other like-minded mamas. It's going to be located at a house right next to lincoln park, babies and children are welcome, but there won't be a babysitter on sight.

Information about the different diapers available (pockets, fitteds, prefolds) will be given, as well as the chance to buy GAD's, and it's looking like Thirsties fitteds and covers, and possibly prefolds as well.

Please come, and bring a friend! We'd love to introduce mamas to the CDing world, as it can be a bit intimidating from the internet. Feel free to post here: what you think, if you would like to come, maybe how many people you'll invite and any time that may work best for you. We're trying to work with everyone's schedule for a good turnout.

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