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Re: OCD and kids

My son and I both have OCD, my son sees a Psycologist, Psychiatrist and a Pediatric Neurologist. My ds also has Tourette Syndrome thats another reason we see the neurologist. Definitely a psycologist and/or therapist, but I'd ask his pediatrician if he needs to be seen by a pediatric neurologist. These are physical/biological disorders, not just "mental health" issues, although they are called that as well. I prefer a neurologist because he looks more at the physical aspect of it and not so much the emotional aspect of it, thats what the therapist or psycologist is for. My ds neuro is in control of his meds he takes too although IMO i wish he'd never been put on any meds, hes 14 and been on meds since age 5. There are natural things you can take to help, off the top of my head I can't think of any ) I'm not help there but google, natural remedies for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, flaxseed oil (sp) keeps popping into my head. I'd much rather have had my son on some natural remedies all these years as opposed to the meds he's on. Some he can never be off of. Also, you can have OCD tendancies and not actually have OCD, I know it sounds funny but it can happen and at that young of an age I'd be almost resistent to let them dx him with it and give him a bunch of meds until it was looked into further. KWIM? i just know how i regret letting them start my son on meds so young . Find you a support group too, other people/parents with ocd or with children who have it. I'm available if you ever have any questions . Just PM me.
to you and yours mama!


ps: I should clarify, the reason I'd be hesitent to medicate is because MOST of the medicines they give for it they don't know the long term effect of them when used in children... please try natural remedies first and ROUTINE. Routine is vital with OCD and makes life smoother in general.
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