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Re: What do you feed your baby besides formula or breastmilk?

Try grinding up some of the softer foods that you eat at dinner. Mac n cheese or other pasta (watch the tomato sauce though), pototoes, cooked veggies, soft fruits like banana or peaches (or canned fruit, except citrus). Basically anything you can mash with a fork pretty easy. At 6 mo I would say your child isn't ready for a raw carrot to chew on, but cooked carrots are good. If you don't have a grinder or food chopper you can get a little one for about 10 bucks, they hold about a cup of food and will be plenty big for you little one, or you can just mash and chop the food with a fork. I also used to make dry toast sticks to give her. Just toast the bread, slice into sticks (about4 per slice) and let it sit a little to get really dry. Then let her chew on that

My Dd lost interest in pureed baby food very early too, they all have their own way. Have fun.
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