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Re: Need suggestions . . .

My daughter took a pacifier, and that worked perfectly for us. (til I had to pay for braces)

If she was sick, I would bring her to bed with me. But, if she was just awake, so she saw no reason I shouldn't be awake with her, I would just pat her bum. I turned n a soft music tape, and patted her bum (kinda rough at first, then slower until I thought she was asleep).

But, she didn't wake up very often, so I am not sure what I would do if this was her routine. I couldn't do the cry it out thing either.

Perhaps you could get him up (if butt patting didn't work) but not offer to nurse him and rock him instead. Then put him back in his own bed.

I would avoid bringing him to your bed anymore, just to break that cycle.
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