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Unhappy Spotting....TMI *UPDATE on third page*

yuck, so for the past week its gone from pink tinged and stopping at night, to pink all the time, now the past day its going to actual red dots on my this point it was mostly just when i wiped and minor stuff on the pad, now its actual bright red spots...i should meniton that today was the day i was supposed to get my second i have NO cramps, and if anything my nausea is getting worse as the bleeding is...any advice? i'm kinda in a hardplace b/c my insurance doesn't start up for another three months...any thoughts?


so the good news is i have a bladder infection that is causing the bleeding...they found a heartbeat 103 and said i am more like 6wks than 8wks...the bad news is that they said that i have an assymetrical yolk sac and the fetal pule doesn't match the heartbeat...whatever that means...but the er doc made it sound that the pregnancy wouldn't stick, but to go see a obgyn tomarrow, which of course i can't b/c of insurance...but at least i know the bleeding isn't from the baby and as of today the baby is alive

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