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Unhappy So got the results from my bloodwork...

As I posted in another thread, I was at my midwife's on Thursday for my 12 week checkup; was finally able to see the results from my initial bloodwork and tested "non-immune" for rubella, chickenpox and Fifth's. How I dropped immunity for Rubella from my last pregnancy, I'm not entirely sure...anyway...

Bryan (my youngest) had some sort of "unidentified" viral illness during the past three weeks, nasty cold symptoms complete with skin I'm getting retested for Parvovirus/Fifth's Disease as that was what it possibly was...Dr. wasn't sure...

If I contracted Fifth's for the first time during pregnancy I have a 5% risk of miscarriage or the baby developing anemia. I'm trying to view it as a 95% chance everything will be fine. It was over 3 weeks ago that Bryan was sick (the rest of us had a nasty cold virus at the same time, he's the only one who got the rash) and I've had no signs at all of possible miscarriage issues; AND - I HEARD THE HEARTBEAT!! So I'm feeling pretty good about my odds of everything being OK.

That is, until I'm laying awake late at night and my mind starts whirring...then I panic...

Just wanted to update you all...sorry so longwinded! Would appreciate any and all healthy baby vibes and prayers...should hear the results of this latest set of bloodwork in a couple weeks. (Man, I hate waiting!!!)
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