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Re: DFW mamas

Hi, ladies! Great to find all of you on this board!
I've been trying to skim and catch up on the meetup tomorrow. I'd love to join in! I need to double check with DH that there's nothing I need to be around here for with him. I started in cloth with DS1 and 2. I've used everything from prefolds and covers, fitteds, pockets, AIOs, and I'm now dabbling in wool with #3.

I stopped in BB&M the day she was closing and she had a brand new box of Becos. (for those of you who were interested) They are beautiful. I have Beco envy. I have a camel colored Ergo. Bland but highly functional. I lust for the beauty of the Beco though. Went to the Peppermint sale and bought a mei tai. Loving it! I'm strung out on the babywearing thing. I have a Moby, Maya, Ella Roo Mei Tai and the Ergo. Btwn that and CD addiction I'm not saving us any money!

crying boy, must run
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