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NIP: To cover or not to cover...that is the poll question

I've always thought women shouldn't have a problem NIPing, but I thought they should cover up. Well, I had my first NIP session a few days ago. I was at my old workplace in the breakroom and I threw a blanket over my shoulders and the baby. Even though I was in an airconditioned room, it got hot fast. I was sweating, the baby was sweating, and I had to keep fanning the blanket just to make it a little cooler. I kept thinking that I really need to get a nursing cover with boning to hold the top open so it'd be a little cooler.

Anyway, I was visiting some advocacy websites and came aross this page: Specifically the section entitled "Don"t Disappear" (it's about halfway down). I think what is said about covering up to nurse is very interesting and wondered what other women thought.
DH is totally unsupportive of the idea of NIPing w/o covering up and just talks about how it's offensive to other ppl.
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