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Re: NIP: To cover or not to cover...that is the poll question

I am very discreet, but don't use a blanket or cover. I find nursing shirts too cumbersome. I just pull up my shirt, unlatch my bra and slip her slightly into my fleece jacket (not sure what I will do when warm weather arrives). She isn't totally covered, just gives me some space to manuveur my big ol boob around. My biggest issue is getting my bra reattached without flashing the world :P

Using a blanket, or even worse those nursing covers/capes/hooter hider things, only draws attention to what you are doing. And geez I have enough to manage wrangling in my 38G boobie and a wiggly baby, nevermind a blanket or cover.

ETA: During mass I excuse myself to the Church library to nurse. Just more comfortable there.
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