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Re: NIP: To cover or not to cover...that is the poll question

I always covered up when I was nursing because of insecurity issues I guess. I had the whole tummy issue and had a really hard time breastfeeding discretely because I could never get my breast out of the stupid nursing bras without flashing the whole room. I also didn't have any support. When I would go to dh's family's house his younger brother would go on and on about how that is sick and I need to go into another room. His mom even put a special recliner in this separate rooms so I would be more apt to go in there. Then my mom would tell me I needed to go into her bedroom because she has some weird and twisted jealousy issues and didn't want her husband to see. Then at my grandparents house they didn't seem to have much of an issue but you could tell they were extremely uncomfortable and when my aunt was there she would make comments about how it's indecent and that I should respect other ppls personal space, blah blah blah. I'm surprised I nursed my kids as long as I did with all that crap. It actually got so bad that I just refused to go to ppls house because of the rudeness. I really wanted to have that, I don't care what you think, mentality but I just felt so guilty like I was doing something wrong. When we have our next lo I'm hoping I can be more empowered to not give a crap about what others think, but it was so uncomfortable being around that sort of negativity.

When our first baby was born I was nursing him, covered up, in a Barnes and Nobles. A guy that dh had went to highschool with came in and said, Aww is he sleeping, I want to see. As he said that he proceeded to lift up the blanket. It happened so fast I didn't have time to react but boy did he get an eye full. He was so embarrassed and at the same time he did this dh screamed NO He's eating!!!! Everyone in the cafe turned around and looked at us. I was mortified, but looking back it was pretty funny.
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