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Re: NIP: To cover or not to cover...that is the poll question

I Bfed ds until he was 1 year and I am bfing the new one also. I think for me this question is not so much if you are emarassed or whatever about bfing. I personally don't like to see others body parts. I get uncomfortable when others are nursing out in the open. if you are in a room for nursing or that type of a thing, I think do what you would like. but if your out int he open in a store or restaraunt or whatever, I think out of respect of others you should cover up. I like it when others cover up so I do it. it is more of a modesty issue for me. I just don't hink it is modest to be taking out your boob and having the chance for others to see. I don't care if the know I'm nursing, bring all the attention to me that you want, I just don't want even the chance of flashing people to be there. witht that said I make and use nursing covers and not blankets for this purpose. blankets get hot really fast and my lo's seem to be heat tanks so even in the winter get hot that way, so the cooler the fabric the better.
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