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Re: cloth wipes??

I'm switching over more and mroe to cloth wipes. Its amazing how much easier it is to wipe her with those, and I don't have to pick them out of the poopie diaper and throw them away I just dump the whole thing in the pail and forget it! I use -- and this si totally ghetto but-- I bought a bunch of second hand wipes and many of those I think are just cheap wash clothes a few are the double layer kind , valour and some kind of terry i believe. Anyways they do a lot better at getting really peanut butter pooh off (I have a toddler BTW so its not just bf pooh). But its just the double sided seem to only take one wipe per mess where as the cheaper work great too (I mainly have those) but I may need two. I have a whole load of them. And I just use water, though I'm looking at getting some kind of squirt bottle b/c I am getting sick of running ot the sink. DD doesn't mind a cool wipe, I think in this heat she kind of enjoys a cool down back there :
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