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Re: NIP: To cover or not to cover...that is the poll question

I have never covered up with a blanket when nursing. I don't want to eat with a blanket over my head so why would my children. I am discreet though. Has nothing to do with other people, I just don't like hanging it all out there. The baby covers my lower half and my shirt covers the upper half. The only exposed time is when I am latching them on and I turn away from anyone to do that. I think people who have a problem with women NIP are ignorant and ridiculous. I also think that men who believe that everyone in the room is looking at the nursing woman trying to get an arousing glimpse of boob is insecure and ignorant. I think that if you are looking hard enough to see something then you're rude and you need to learn not to stare at people in public.
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