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Re: "early" self-weaning

Originally Posted by negrapy
Don't worry no sugar or caffefine in the tea But I can imagine the horror of giving southern "sweet" tea to a baby. I can't take that tea myself. Actually as a family we drink something called yerba matte from South America (which is here my husband is from). He only drinks it when we drink it and not as much as we do. He might drink it once or twice every couple days for a few minutes with us. Otherwise he drinks a sippy of liptons caff free and watered down at my grandma's at lunch once a week when we go to visit her for lunch. My husband says drinking tea there is like drinking water but I'm used to the strength or lack there of so it doesn't bother me at all. He does drink water with most of his meals. My family has a history of diabetes so pretty much nobody drinks juice. When he eats he likes to drink too. I guess I could try at least when we are at home seeing if he'd take breast milk after a couple bites, then more food then more breast etc instead of his water.

I agree that I've read the the solids should be the icing but I don't think my son got the memo .... he's missed quite a few about what babies should be doing when. He will refuse breast and scream for other food. and I would love to give him more milk .... I mean its already premade and I don't have to wash any dishes.
I thought about pumping however I have never had any luck with a variety of pumps I tried. Which is why I posted since I'm out of ideas.
I LOVE yerba matte!!! My kiddos love tea too, I give it as soon as they can drink with a straw. No harn done. It's very normal in Europe.

On the weaning, it could be that your dc is just temporarily less interested. Do what seems right, and know that you nursed longer than most American moms.
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