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Re: NIP: To cover or not to cover...that is the poll question

oh shoot, I said yes and my real answer is no. I was thinking it said do you not cover up?

take one off the yes and add one to NO

i am against women covering up for the sake of others. Its your choice as a women but shouldnt be expected. My DH gets uncomfortable when I nurse in public at restarants, especially fancy ones. I just dont care and its good for others to see a baby eating naturally.

I am in grad school and there is a mom with a 4 month old. Its a 3 hour class so her DH sits in our lounge with her baby during class. Mom comes and nurses during breaks. Anyhow, sometimes the baby still needs to eat more so she brings the baby into class and nurses. She doesnt cover up, the baby cries sometimes too. I love it. And our prof doesnt seem to mind. I brought my 8 month to class the other day because DH was super sick.

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