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Re: NIP: To cover or not to cover...that is the poll question

Originally Posted by tara View Post
I, too, am opposed to covering up. The first couple times I NIP I did but after I became confident there was no way I would.

Now, all that said, I wouldn't sit around topless just to give her both "options" I'm on my own little crusade to make others more comfortable with the idea.
love the little giggle part! I agree, it is all about the MOM feeling confident enough to do it in public. If you are uncomfortable, you milk is not going to come in, and it's going to be uncomfortable not only for you (the public, who cares! ) and your baby, but if you are confident in what you are doing...go for it, you are RIGHT, and well within your RIGHTS!

I'm here on this board as a gammaw to a 3 month old grandson born to my 18 year old daughter...SHE also has a twin, one of my funniest experiences of NIPing was at Niagra Falls, on the Canadian side...I was sitting on a rock wall, breastfeeding my twins (tandem!) People would walk by *staring*, turn around and walk back by *staring* (I just smiled and looked right back at them, it was amazing how they tried to avoid eye contact...most of them!)...and then, they would have to walk back by a third time, to go where they were going in the first place! Pretty funny!

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