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Re: Baby shower ideas

Originally Posted by small_wonders_wipes
BBQ meatballs! You can usually get them bulk at stores like Sam's Club and GFS Marketplace- if you have those near you.... They are usually quite inexpensive, but tasty.

Little sandwiches are usually a good idea also....I always like the ones with croussants (sp?).

Hope that helps!!
You can put a bunch of the meatballs in a crockpot to keep them hot. We also do Lil smokies in BBQ sauce, they are little cocktail sausages. Then you could do a cheese and cracker tray, a veggie tray, and a fruit tray. I like the pickle tray idea too, kind of goes w/ the whole pregnant/baby shower. LOL All this stuff you could easily DIY instead of paying too much for the premade trays, KWIM. I mean it would be extra work for you but if you had someone help with some of it. You could cut up veggies and cheese the day before and put them in ziplocks. Most of your fruit you will want to do the day of. But you can make dips up for the veggies and fruit the day before.

Oh if you have never made fruit dip here are a couple good ideas, vanilla yogurt is really good by itself, or you can mix 1 jar marshmallow fluff and 8oz cream cheese. Yummy.
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