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Re: Whatever happened to BabyByU and the Cuddlebuns/Honeyboy empire? (I always want to type babybyu, too!)

I don't know if Susan is still the owner but assume she is. I really don't hear a whole lot about them anymore. I don't know if honeyboys are out of style or if they're still popular in other diapering rings. The future snugglebees patterns have been listed there FOREVER with no updates. Some time ago ara's pants patterns were supposed to have been sold there but I guess that fell through.

I really miss wahmall back when it was hopping. Did it go to familyauctions and then to kittybids? Or the the other way around? Anyway, it never really took off after the switch. Wahmchicks is pretty dead, too, except during flufffactory auctions. I like hyena cart, but miss the old days.
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