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Re: will someone explain mutt 3sr to me?

Originally Posted by myajdw
okay so it's kinda like a bum genius then? is there 3 snaps in the front like on the bg so that it doesn't look so bulky? (i've never used bg but heard great things about this design lol). can i see some pics!?!
sorry i didn't see your reply sooner. i don't have any bgs so i'll do my best to describe.

they have 3 rows of sockets on the front w/ a set of snaps at the top of the middle that you use to "snap down" the rise (snap it so that the right row of snaps is left exposed and then fold the remainder inward). then you just snap as usual.

michelle used to have instructions on her site about how to fold it, but i'm not sure if they're still floating around out there or not.
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