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Re: I am a HORRIBLE MOM!!!

I am sure you aren't a horrible mom. Yeah maybe you need to spend more time w/ them when they are home but to say you are horrible is awefully strong.

For your DD who is bored w/ kindergarten maybe you can find her a k-1st grade work book w/ activities she might like to do. Or talk w/ her teacher. Your 4 yo might enjoy this as well, say a pre K book or something.

I get wrapped up doing my own thing too sometimes and DD gets upset w/ me. She is almost 5, she usually vocallized how she feels, but she definately get wound up too. Sometimes just explaining to her that I need to do something is enough. I know that you run a business and that is also important. Maybe if you set a schedule for when you will work and try to stick by it. Even if the kids are home, if you say mommy is setting the timer to work for ... amount of time. When the timer goes off I will be done working and back to do stuff with you. Maybe it will only be another hour of the day, plus naptime and the evening when DH gets in, but it will give you a little time plus it lets them know that it won't be forever.

I hope you can restore order to you home and find a compromise w/ your work. Good luck mamma and don't be so hard on yourself.
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