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Re: WWYD? Due in 5 weeks, diapers lost!

Thanks for all the input!

I guess I was thinking that I would really want the preemie IPFs, but it looks like they really aren't that big of a deal. The fitteds are really for DH, since he'll be home with the baby 2 nights a week while I'm at school, for about 8 hours at a time (I have a 3 hour round trip commute)

I have no idea when I can file a claim. They had told me I could yesterday, but when I went down to the PO, they told me that I had to wait 30 days. I looked on their website and it said 21. Plus, I can't file it myself, the shipper has to do it. I'm sure she will be willing to, but I feel terrible asking her to do one more thing, since she's pregnant too and has already put so much work into this co-op.

Oh well...hopefully they'll show up at some point and it won't even be an issue.
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