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Re: Early PG symptoms-Please post yours!

I am doing the 2ww myself, so I'll contribute!!

Child #1- I felt icky, like the flu. Not throwing up but just blah all over. Stuffy head, loose bowel (TMI) food turned me off, skin and hair got greasy. Bloating, lots of it. and the need to pee like crazy. Weird dreams and very emotional.

Child #2- same loose bowel, sensitive stomach flu feeling but then my vision changed and two patches of hair fell out. the same thing happened at 6-7 weeks with my first, but by then I knew. With #2 I didn't get a positive til the end of the 8th week. One single day of needing to be near a bathroom every minute then it was over til the third trimester. strange dreams were even worse, but at least I expected the emotional influx that time.
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