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Re: BIG daycare issue- WWYD?

Ugh, I wrote this whole long thing and my lt died!

I see both sides. But, you also cant have it both ways- you need to leave sufficient food for her to cover any unforeseen emergencies etc.

My dcp is under STRICT orders to not feed Anything that I have not provided. Iíve drilled it into them BUT I also leave several frozen packets of milk there for them at all times and DH works 3min away and home is 5 min away so there is always a backup.

Also, when my dcp calls, I take the call No matter what. If Iíve left my phone I make sure she has a way to contact me immediately even if its paging me through the switchboard or she knows that from x to y time Iím in a meeting and she can call dh or call a coworker who will come get me.

I think that the dcp prob did the best with what she had available to her.

Now, if youíve said NO Puffs and you provide alternate food and she feeds puffs, Iíd pull her in a heartbeat. Thatís completely uncalled for and downright dangerous.
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