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Re: Past Sippy Stage?

We offered her a soft spouted Avent (blech) cup at about six months. She loved to chew on it but would never actually suck on it. She never used a sippy with any regularity until she was 12to15 months or so when she learned in like a day when we took the valve out. She never had bottles. However at about 6 months she could use a straw (she could do it independently, but we had better results w/ using our finger over one end). We did that when we were out to eat and she wanted some water, etc.

I never really tried giving her BM in a sippy though. I do know that some kids a very particular about the delivery method for things. I know one little boy (who's a year) who nurses but also did some bottles. Anyway, he refuses to drink regular milk from anything but a bottle.

You child may also be more inclined to take a sippy of BM if you're not around.
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