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Re: I am a HORRIBLE MOM!!!

Trying to juggle everything and take care of everything does not make you a bad mom! It's hard to balance everything. I just went through the same thing. I was trying to take care of everything and solve every problem-only it was my ds and dd that were not getting enough time. You've obviously thought about this and are fixing it-that's all you can do. I also had to step back and do some serious thinking, I also kept thinking that I was a bad mom for not seeing the things happening. You'll find a good balance and I'm sure that your children will be fine-thankfully little ones are very forgiving of our mistakes. lol

OH My ds is 5 as of today and he also loves to raid the pantry and play in the bathroom. If he's missing for more than 5 minutes then I know he's in one of the two. Our bathroom sink is really big and his thing is to go sit in it and take a bath-he tells me it's so he can relax.
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