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Re: taking newborn to ER

Hi There,

I wanted to let you know that my daughter had reflux too when she was a baby and the doc put her on Zantac. In her case, after researching the web a lot, I found what was causing her reflux and was able to take her of the meds.

It was a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. The tip off for me was the green stools. My doc kept telling me that they were normal but I didn't believe him and they smelled terrible. Some other signs are a really overactive and forceful/painful letdown and I can't remember what else. But if you do a google search on foremilk/hindmilk imbalance it should come up. It was very easy to fix we just kept nursing on the same side for 3-4 feedings before switching to the other breast. I was able to take her off the meds and she was fine. The doc was really shocked when I brought her in for her next appointment and told him what it was and that she was no longer on meds. He had never even heard of FM/HM imbalance. He was writing things down as I talked about it - very funny. His wife even bf all their kids. I am constantly amazed at the ignorance in the medical field when it comes to nursing, including hospitals.

I hope yours is an easy fix like this too. Sometimes there is nothing that can be done. My daughter still spit up a lot after we fixed the reflux but it wasn't projectile and it didn't cause her any discomfort. She was a baby that just spit up a lot. As the little thing in her throat matured (sorry forgot it's name) she stopped spitting it up.

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