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Re: Early PG symptoms-Please post yours!

Originally Posted by keegans_mommy
I am going to ask for this to be a sticky for poor saps like me who have nothing better to do than to obsess over PG symptoms during the 2ww!

So, if you don't mind and can remember, please list all your PG symptoms, weird and traditional
My only early symptoms were really sore breasts (more sore than usual, mine get a little sore every month), and heightened sense of smell, both times. We were at Disney for a day when I figured it out. We went on the "Stitch" attraction (which scared the ****ens out of my 5yo). Well, during the show Stitch burps on you and they spray some air on you that smells like rotten chili dogs. I smelled that smell for the rest of the day, though my husband and DS thought I was crazy. I even named it the Stitch Stench. That's when I started to suspect. Sure enough, when we got home a couple of days later, I got two pink lines on the test.
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