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Re: Dairy problem, or just how they are?

Hey Dawn- I guess it gets better, LOL. Mine are 2wks4days now and they are super gassy a lot of the time - at least I think that's the problem. We had a scream-a-thon last night to see who could scream the loudest, LOL. I haven't bothered trying to cut out dairy first, as I'd like to wait it out and see if it's growing things, or milk, KWIM?
Eh, mine have issues with the positions I choose for them to nurse in. Unfortunately when I tandem it HAS to be football as I haven't wandered off into other positions by myself yet, and Nova hates the football hold, LOL. Lots of stuff to get used to anyway.
I think mine are taking turns going through growth spurts, so I guess it seems worse or like something should be wrong, KWIM? They also tend to either have "good" days or "good" nights. I either get dumped on during the day and can't do ANYTHING, or DH and I get it at night, LOL.
I hope it gets better for you!
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