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Re: not sure im going to make it!!!

hey. my kiddos are 10 mos also. could yours be teething? I have one baby who is my 'silent sufferer'. He doesnt complain like the other two but he doesnt sleep as well. You might try giving them motrin about 30 minutes prior to nap to see what happens. I am not suggesting drugging them so you can get some sleep. But if they are teething, tylenol wont touch it (according to our pedi) and motrin is a lifesaver. If they arent hurting, the motrin shouldnt make any difference. Also-- are they getting lots of play time? Mine are playing a lot more and are only taking 2 naps per day. they sleep and an hour or so in the am, and 2 horus or so in the afternoon but sleep 12 hours at night. when they are awake, they play and play. we ahve a jumperoo and a johnny jump up and that gets them good and tired.

not sure any of this is helpful. just thought I'd offer some ideas.

also--do you give baths before bed at night? I wonder if they would lseep longer for you. Ours always sleep better after a bath. they get one every night!
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