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Re: What do you feed your baby besides formula or breastmilk?

DS just turned 7 months. So far we've tried mashed up ripe fruit (peaches, bananas) or mashed up cooked vegetables (green beans, sweet potato, carrots). I've also attempted home-made baby cereal by pureeing cooked brown rice with some breastmilk, and grinding up some oatmeal very fine in the blender and then cooking it with water and adding some breastmilk. DS has also tried several kinds of crackers (they keep him busy at restaurants), including club, saltine and graham. He hasn't been interested in anything that was pureed to the point that it was textureless, so I haven't bothered with commercial babyfood.

I've also offered him slices of ripe peach. Trouble is, he can bite through it with his gums and sometimes gets a larger piece than he can chew. I offered some small bits of banana, but he couldn't quite pick them up yet. You might try the old standby...Cheerios. The crackers work pretty well. They pretty much melt away, though I will give him a few sips of water, too, to help wash them down.
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