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Novacaine during pg...Okay?

I was supposed to get a cavity filled on Thursday but due to my nasty m/s (all day sickness ) I called to postpone it a couple weeks in hopes I am feeling better to deal with the smell of him drilling my tooth. When I called the woman there said I should call my MW and make sure I can have novacaine (sp?) while pregnant and during my first trimester. I am as far as my calculations 6 1/2 weeks. I called my mw's office and talked to one of the nurses and she said that it was fine. But I am a bit freaked. The woman I talked to at the dentists office said something about it can cause contractions and sometimes people wait until the 2nd trimester. I am not sure what to do. Anyone here have novacaine for dental work while pg? what trimester? Any other info is welcome, thanks
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