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My dd has 2 identities..

Well, I talked to samanthas Kindergarten teacher and I was just BLOWN away!!! She is telling me that she does not know all her letters and numbers( though she learned them all by recognition when she was 3 and is reading now ) She tells me she doesnt know all the soundshte letters make,( which she knows at home) she tells me she doest knowhow to draw, though she draws all the time at home, and i can even understand herdrawings, to the point hubby and i looked at an art based charter school. She said she doesnt know the days of the week, yet she can rattle them off with no problem at home.
She is doing sloppy work, just none of it has made it to me. I guess she hides her work under thetable when the teacher is walking around the room. I askedher why and she said herteacher never likes her work. She just scribbles at school, when asked to color, and at home she is super maticulus.
Then the teacher told me she has no friends and plays by herself. This makes me so sad. I talked to sami and asked her if she had freinds and what their names are, and she said, no one likes her. and she wants to be friends with nalani(sP) but she wont play with her. She said "i told her I love her and she just said i was stupid" we have raised our children to be loving ppl, and now this is hurting her.
Athome, she plays with alot of the neighbors, and at church she has a TON of friends, so why does she struggle at school.

Part of me wants to take in samanthas SECOND grade math and reading workbooks and show her teacher what she is doing. I guess they tested her and said she might not even be ready for Kinergarten. BUT she is really bright.... Whatever...
I want to pull hre out of school, or find a charter school, but hubby says no. just leave her. But i feel so sad for her.
and it is not like she is a freak or has a learning disability. she is a very pretty, LONG blonde curly hair, and birght blueeyes, and very tall and thin. There is no reason why i can think of that the kids dont like her, except she is a loving person and for some reason that is wrong...\

The teacher also suggested i stop homeschooling her afterhours, since that will make her too smart.... BUT i feel it is MY JOB as a parent to have my child work up to her abilities... I just had NO idea she wasnt working well at school... She said she likes to go to school, but i dont know why she would, I mean, She has no friends, the teacher thinks her work is poor,and she apperently isnt adjusting well. and when i asked the teacher what i can do, all she said was STOP working with her....

Let me tell you, this first run in public schools does not have me impressed...
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