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Diaper liner?

help please!!!

I'm brand new to cd'ing ... and I've bought a whole bunch of 2nd hand dipes in hopes of getting me started without breaking my bank! lol of the questions I have is ... When you use pocket diapers ... I know I can stuff them with extra inserts to make them more absorbable. ... but .. here's my question. Am I supposed to put either a disposable or cloth liner on the INSIDE of the pocket diaper (where my dd's butt is gonna rest) too so that it catches the dootz? Or am I just supposed to diaper her without a liner and just stuff the diaper with extra inserts for wetness? I'm confused.

And if I am supposed to put in a liner on the inside of the diaper .. is it better to go with cloth or disposable? ... if cloth what kind? if disposable what kind?

What do you recommend?

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