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Re: a few more symptoms with a BFN this AM!

I agre with Shay - I tested with IC's at 10 dpo negative then at 11 dpo I thought there was a faint line there but it was taking the full 10 min to show up so I was worried it was evap - so I ran to $tree and took it and an IC and an Answer Early in the evening all 3 I thought I saw a line at the 10 min mark but it was still so incredibly faint!!!! I even have pics I could show you LOL

so then 12 dpo FMU I tested again with $Tree and IC and FRER and still a faint line but felt like it was real cause it came up about 8 min mark if I remember right so I went and bought the Clear Blue Easy EARLY Digital that afternoon - they detect 25-50 mui - and sure enough it came up pregnant!!!!

So I definitely vote for the CBE Early Digi - just make sure it's the early one!

A lot of ladies like equate - I liked them when they were two lines but not now that they are +/-.

what test have you tried so far?
~ Christi ~
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