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Favorite fitted that is ...

1) Relatively easy to get. I do NOT like stalking, and I generally avoid HC items (unless they are easy to get, LOL!) Customs are okay as long as it's not a really long wait time.

2) Absorbant. I like the fit of Sugar Peas but they are not absorbant enough.

3) Relatively inexpensive. By that I would mean no more than $15 a diaper. However, if it was a super awesome diaper I would consider going higher.

4) Side snapping. These fit my girls the best. When my son was in diapers, all we had were front snapping because they fit him better. Trim is also a plus.

5) Perhaps takes trades for longies/shorties.

6) Velour outers or knit prints.

I think that is it!

If I could get any dipe, I know I'd get Zany Zebra fitteds. But I think she's pretty busy right now and I just did get 6 of her fitteds! They are my absoulte favorite. But now I'm looking for a few extra fitteds to have so I can go a little longer between washings.
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