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Re: My dd has 2 identities..

Thanks mamas.

I really think she is just shy.. I asked her why she hides her work under the table and she said her teacher never likes her pictures... i asked her why she plays alone, and she said no one will play with her. But i am not certain she is making an effort to play with them. KWIM...

She did tellme they pulled her out of hte classroom, into the library and asked her to start rhyming... I asked,what are rhymes,andshe said, like, cat, hat, fat, mat..... She gets IT.. But she failed the test there...

I knowthe teacher can only go off of what she sees at school, but i also think, they shoudl be encouraging her to come out of her shell a bit, and help her...
She CANT be the only one in the class with these issues,though, i think out of her entire class, i am the ONLY sahm, so maybe she was the only one that didnt go to daycare... But its not like we stay in the house all day to not talk to anyone. We go to church every week for 3 hours, we go over to freinds houses a few times a week, and ppl come over here.
I just dont know why she is like 2 differnt kids.. the happy, very bright, at home kid, and the stressed out, not so bright school kid
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