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Re: HELP me stop the...

I've read that yogurt is also being recommended to make it the BRATY diet nowdays. Something about the good bacteria in it regulating the bowels.

When my oldest DS was about a year old he went through a stomach virus like that. It lasted about 7 days and I was starting to worry that he'd get dehydrated. The doc wound up suggesting an anti-diarrheal medication for him that was over the counter but you usually had to ask for it at the pharmacy. Unfortunately...I can't remember the name of it. It was a white bottle with a red label, and the liquid was kind of brownish. Have you called your ped. to see what they suggest, if anything?

Hope she gets better soon. As for containing the mess...I've found that using a Gerber birdseye flat as a doubler in my prefolds helps as far as absorbency. Don't know if it would help in this case, though. Good luck.
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