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Re: My dd has 2 identities..

I remember that Ciana had some things like that happen when she was in kindergarten before we started hs'ing.

I asked her now why she was saying the letter and numbers wrong when she knew the answers and she said she didn't know what the teacher was asking. For example during a test the teacher would say "what letter is this?" and Ciana would say "A" and the teacher wouldn't say yes or no she would just go on to the next letter. Then the teacher would bring up the letter A again sometime during the test and ask what letter it was then Ciana would get confused (didn't I answer this? maybe I was wrong?) so she would just be quiet after a bit or say "I don't know". Then the teacher told us she wasn't consistant in knowing her letters.

This was just what Ciana told me right now so I'm not sure if it's what your dd is experiencing or not but I hope it helps.
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