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Re: Using prefolds vs kissaluvs fitted or contours

I've been using prefolds on my 4 month old since she's been born. We've gone back and forth with prefolds and fuzzibunz. The only time that we ever happen to use fb's is when we're out and about but other than that we use prefolds and pins and I'm very happy with them.

The bf poo has stayed in the prefold too! I haven't really had any blow outs with the prefolds. We use the twist fold.

Congrats on your upcoming little girl too!!

ETA: If your going with prefolds I'd suggest using Mother-ease Airflow covers too! They work great with the prefolds. My dh doesn't mind using prefolds either (he just makes me pin them!!)

I've never used Kissaluvs but I've heard they work really well for newborns. I'm not sure of the contours because we've never used them, sorry!!


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