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why do you insist on grating my kids already do that
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Re: Calling ALL potty training mommies!!!!

i like the "early trainers" brand, i got them off ebay 12 for $12 i think they went up to a size 5 but i'm not sure on the weight for that. i can get you a link if you want. just LMK, they've worked great for us. my oldest DS was still using the sposie pullups at night and so he would wait to poo until then and i said enough is enough and got these and he hasn't had a poo accident since, or a pee accident at night since either. (i think one pee accident actually). they work great and feel like real underwear and are not bulky under clothes, nor do they have that sound like your kid is wearing trainers. i love em and they're cheap!
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