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Re: *SPAM ME* Need a TRIM cover

Hmmm... trim... I like wool too The Stacinator wool covers are super trim but I dunno about how that would work under onzie. Dancing bears fleece is good - I use them under clothes w/o trouble all the time.

Ok Bummis Whisper... those are darn trim! LOL but they are pull on - & not cute. I have lots of those instock that I wanna sell (hint) LOL Also, I personally love Litewraps a lot - they are very trim but I'm not sure if you'd have the same problem you were talking about before. Diaperaps are ok too. Oh I have Blue Dog too - the print is cute.

I have everything I've mentioned in my store except DB. Oh & I have LW's just not listed yet.

I probably haven't helped just confused LOL
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