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Re: GM Stocking All Done! Now just chatter! Recap in first post!

Originally Posted by wyckhurst View Post
i know....that is me in a few minutes... I need to get off. My 5 yr old REFUSED to sleep last night (except from 4-6am) so I got no sleep either.

and off topic but.....I HATE the new ped that dh got for the girls. Grrrrrr, lets just say I was THIS close to physically smacking him in the office this morning. Also, that was seriously SAD that I had to to tell the DOCTOR that MY KIDS had the FLU!!!!! When he 1st looked at them..."oh, its probably just a cold..."EXCUSE ME?????? Did you just COMPLETELY tune me out when I just gave you a run down of our past few days?!?!?!?!? I think he took ONE LOOK at Emma's cloth diapers and her delayed vax schedule and wrote me off as some stupid hippy that doesn't know a thing. He totally went off with the "I'm the dr and I know what I'm doing and you are stupid" attitude with me.

alright. I'm off. My 5 yr old didn't sleep AT ALL last night (except beteen 4-6 this morning.) so I got no sleep either and I am beat.
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