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Re: My dd has 2 identities..

I will try to keep this short because you have already gotten great advice. One big problem sound like it could be the teacher. We have 4 kids (number five should arrive in Dec) and the teacher make ALL the difference. My DD is in the 2nd grade now. She thrived in Kinderarten, but begged me to HS her in 1st. Her teachers (there were 2) were VERY strict and over negative. This year she is thriving again and loves school. She even invited her teacher to her bday party.

I would try to get involved with the class as much as possible. Offer to read to the kids, stuff folders, help at snack time, whatever you can do. Actually seeing what is going on might shed some light on things. If things improve while you are there, maybe the teacher is behaving different? Or your daughter might be feeling more secure. As long as you aren't interfereing with the teaching, there is no reason for the teacher to object. It is very common to have parent helpers in the class room.

Goodluck. I will be for you and your family.

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