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Re: I'm ashamed of myself (re: discipline..long)

I'm so glad you posted this, b/c I feel the same way.

I was raised in a spanking household and so was my dh. He agrees with it, I don't. Yep, just one of the many things we disagree on.

My ds gets timeouts and seems to know what is going on and responds good to them. My dh just fusses about it. I tell him to just go poop on himself. LOL! I'm totally hanging around a toddler too much.

No way would I EVER flame you (or anyone) on anything. I'm not perfect either.

My MIL and Mother where guiding me through the parenting issues and I just couldn't deal with that. I was told a long time ago, "The best thing about being a parent is you don't have to be YOUR parents." I decided that there was a lot of truth in that. I started CDing, Co-sleeping, NO CIO, and living crunchy. I've been SO MUCH happier, and with the support of my online Mother's Group (Prego Weekly)...and here, I know I can continue.

Okay...didn't mean to type your eyes out. If you ever need to talk more, PM me....

Hugs and sweet tea....
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