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Re: Favorite fitted that is ...

talk to jayme lee (dehart)! i don't have any of her YET, but i want to. she does awesome work. i think hers are all $15 unless you want something more expensive like ov. she doesn't have any kids in diapers at the moment, though - so she's not looking for longies (i asked too ).

also check out Robin's Fanny Fluff/robinde ( Her prices are really reasonable. I haven't checked to see if she's stocked recently....

i really like pattynaps & depending on what size you want hers are in the ballpark of $15 - she doesn't have much instock at the moment....

kari (ewe baby) & i just did a trade - we haven't actually exchanged yet but she was great to work with!

another HC wahm i like who's got reasonable prices still is Laughing Lion...she doesnt' stock a ton though - but still very gettable (we haven't made her hyena yet).

the other choice would be to get some of these fast-fingered ladies here to stalk something for you like BBL. i'm not good at stalking either, but some of them are really fast.

good luck!
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