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Re: Call Ped Neuro or not??

I would definately call, hon. Not knowing is way more stressful than knowing something. I would just put in the call and get the ball rolling. And definately get the pku test. Seizures are a major complication of pku babies. My DH has epilepsy. I know, though, that with babies, the meds are more limited. He is on Depakote, which is one of the meds for controlling several types of seizures, including petite mal and tonic clonic (grande mal) seizures...both of which he had. But I am not sure if that is an approved med for an infant, though I do know of a 3 year old on it. He went through 2 meds as well, before depakote, and he is now completely seizure free on the med. Sorry you are going through this, but dwelling on what you should do and what might happen is just going to add to your stress.
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