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Re: Pacifying! Can someone help me??

DS started out with Nuk but he didn't like the shape and found he'd gag. SO we switched to Avent, more of a flat straight nipple. He has a 0-3 mths size that he doesn't like anymore, the 3-6 is what he's using at 5 mths old, but like another Momma said, it could be the size. DS HATES soothies!

DS had a paci from day one which I guess makes a difference. He only uses me for a paci once in a while, in fact I'm probably the opposite of you, SOMETIMES I wish he'd just continue on me, because most of the time, if he's sleepy and he's done eating he wants the pacifier and NOT me!! He loves to nurse but at times when he falls asleep he'll fuss until I give him his pacifier and it's frustrating when I don't have one available!!

DS also went through a sucking thumb stage.

I don't have any suggestions for you, other than to possibly try the next size up...
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