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Re: Call Ped Neuro or not??

You should call!! There are other sedation medications they can use! Ask for the MRI. ALso maybe they would be willing to try something else. My son had his first 2 MRI's and both CT scans without sedation the third MRI with but that is another story. It is possible they can schedule it for a time when she normally naps and on top of that if there is an over the counter medication like bynadril (sp?) that really makes her sleep that could work too. Sometimes they will work with you sometimes not! In my expirence with pediatric neurosurgeons you have to be the one on top of things. YOu have to make the calls and double check. Bottom line though if you feel this doctor is not giving your daughter the best carE possible ask for a second opinion!! That is what I had to do for my son. He does not have epilepsy, he has spina bifida. We ended up taking an 8 hour flight and spending a month there, but it was worth it to get him the care he needs!! Changing medications, changing doctors, and calling and calling is stressful but your daughter is worth it!! Good luck!!!
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