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Re: i just want to ask...why only when its medical?

Oh mama, that is why I try not to post on those threads...I just don't know everyone's story. I am so sorry such a thing was stolen from you, and so glad your baby is happy and fed.

I think sometimes it irks some of us to hear lame excuses like "Oh it's just too much bother to bf" but really, some of those are just the surface story for something too personal to share. And who are we to judge what is lame anyway? Even if there isn't a medical or personal reason, moms are overwhelmed by different things, and that's real, too. I think we do better to focus on support and education...make bfing more accessible to moms, and help those who are trying but giving up over things like not knowing to expect a learning curve and growth spurts and so forth, or who need more help around the house, or even counseling to heal. I am so sorry, mama.
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