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Re: i just want to ask...why only when its medical?

Originally Posted by abcdeasons View Post
I thoroughly believe in FFing only when there is a medical reason. Psychological trauma related to rape IS a medical reason, and a big one at that. I've been there myself with rape trauma. In my situation, however, breastfeeding was part of the healing process. Nursing a tiny, harmless little person, and realizing that his life depended on mine, was an awesome and powerful experience. I had PPD with my first, much less so with my second. With both children, my DH was deployed within a month of their births. I thoroughly believe that PPD would have left me unable to bond with my babies if I hadn't breastfed them. Even though I was crying constantly the first couple of weeks, I had to pull it together enough to pick up the baby and nurse him. And, when I was nursing him, that sweet surge of hormones made me feel sleepy and a little better.

Here's the part where i might get flamed.

I thoroughly suggest that you seek some counseling (tricare covers the first 8 visits free, at the very least. Once you've established that you have sexual abuse in your past, they will continue to cover visits as long as you need them) Avoiding the trauma won't make it better. If having a child on your breast brings the trauma to the surface in a strong way, chances are that you're still dealing with the trauma. I'm not sure if you're a Christian. If you are, you know that if you bring that hurt and pain to God, he'll take it away from you. So long as you hold onto the trauma, it will hurt you. I'm sure that there is a place of complete forgiveness, and I'm sure that it's the only way to heal.

Again, sorry if I ruffled feathers. It's obviously a subject that is near to me.
I totally agree with this mamma. First, do what you have to do to be a healthy, happy mamma (and you did that by ffing). The next step is to seek help and move past your past. I'm a sexual assault survivor as well, so I know how deeply it can affect EVERY aspect of your life if you choose to let it. The thing is, if you want to be able to feed your baby the way YOU CHOOSE and not let the past affect you is to work through it. I can tell you it will make you a FREE woman! As long as you continue to let this event affect you in essesence it is stealing your power again and again. And, Tricare will pay for whatever services you need, trust me, I know.

But, if in the end you choose to ff again, that still doesn't make you a bad mother. It is just a choice and I firmly believe that you have to be happy and at peace with your decision. FFing is not the choice I would make, but if it works for you, who am I to say that it's bad? That's the way I look at it.

I'm sorry that happend to you. I'm sorry that it happens to anyone. I hope and pray that with help you will be able to move past it.
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